Thursday, October 04, 2007

Call Senegal for one minute with BT or hop on the 149 - it's now the same price baby

It's not often that TfL can cheer me up; it's usually quite the contrary (I don't very much like waiting in the rain for 40 minutes for a 149 only to have it drive straight past me - often splashing through a puddle the size of a small lake - because it's too rammed). However, this week I was delighted to learn that a single journey on the 149 - or indeed any bus - has been reduced from a quid to 90p. Way to go Ken! At least he takes the role of Mayor of London seriously...what's that Boris? Yes, being Mayor does count as a real job with real work involved.

Is anyone else worried by all those nutcases who go round chanting "Boris for Mayor!"? Now I'm not sure that we can trust Facebook as an indicator of popular opinion but 5107 ridiculous
people decided to join the Boris for Mayor group where they leave comments like this:

There are few people more qualified, intelligent, educated and able to laugh at themselves than Boris. Why has the world changed so much that we can't accomodate his character. The last political leader with humour of Boris' ilk was Winston Churchill, he was just as much a bafoon, read his quotes, but he was a great man and a great leader.

I'm not going to listen to anyone who can't spell. Or this:

People can forgive the lovable rogue, so it's political genius to draft Boris. The Tories can run the capital down, but it'll be okay, because bless him, it's lovely Boris.

Bless you for your sad and twisted logic. Or this:

Game On!

You made me waste a millisecond of my life by reading your pointless comment.

Come on guys! How can this man be left in charge of the 149?

Woah, that was a bit ranty wasn't it? And it wasn't strictly in keeping with the theme of this blog. Ah, who cares, it's my blog and I can cry if I want to.

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Darlin' said...

I'm glad you're writing it again.
The post in question in which you're quoted has only just gone up -- it's been a while in the offing, as I've been getting my rant juuuuust right, you know what I mean.

See you on the 149.