Saturday, September 23, 2006


This event actually happened whilst waiting for the 149, which counts right? Oh who cares, it's my blog so I make the decisions.

Autumn is in the air, (well, kinda, because it's the end of September and yesterday Bedford hit 29 degrees - that is climate change in action man, and the most publicity Bedford is ever going to get). Anyway, there I was, at the bus stop minding my own business with two girls waiting in front of me and a guy behind. As the autumnal wind blew through my hair, I pulled up my collar and thought: "Where's that bleedin' bus?"

Just then I felt something hard and spiky hit me on the back of my head. "What the fuck?" I thought as I spun round to glare at the guy behind me who giggled into his hands. A conker wrapped in its green, menacing, touch me and I'll do some serious damage, shell, rolled into the road after bouncing off my cranium.

"Hey!" I yelled at the laughing man thinking the vindictive little shit (a grown man by the way) had launched a missile at me for no reason whatsoever.

"It weren't me, honest" he squeaked in a school-boy fashion, pointing up at the tree hanging over us.

"Oh, shit, sorry. Right, yeah, the tree," I mumbled. feeling guilty that I'd accused this poor guy of being worthy of an asbo, whilst also thinking that perhaps I had anger management issues. But, man, conkers sure hurt. Watch out, they're nasty little mo fo's.