Friday, December 29, 2006

Festive lessons

My last day at work before the Christmas holidays was 21st December. As I boarded the bus to travel to work I entered mid-way through a conversation. A guy in a slick suit, greased back hair and shiny tie was shouting to the guy next to him:

"What time? Nine o'clock? Shit, I thought it was seven o'clock. Shit, I'm late for a meeting! I'm so gonna be fired. Shit, shit, shit, bollocks!"

I felt kind of sorry for the guy, I mean, he looked quite important, with a briefcase and everything - I mean who the hell carries one of those anymore? That is until he shouted out to all the passengers wagging his finger menacingly at us:

"Let this be a lesson to you kids. Don't take so many drugs at Christmas! I mean it! Otherwise you'll end up like me. I thought it was seven, but it's actually nine. Seven, nine, seven, nine, bollocks! (Sigh) Oh fuck it, it's Christmas - who's got some fags?!"

What a whacko....hope he wasn't a doctor.

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